Live Sound 101 at the Earlville Opera House

Not sure how all those wires connect to a soundboard, or the difference between an amp or pre- amp?  Or now that you’ve got a system together, do you know how you can fight feedback with EQ and mic placement?  Instructor Steve Blais will teach the basics of setting up, sound checking, and mixing for live musical performances – and you’ll have lots of hands-on experience! This Saturday, August 3 from noon to 3pm

“Back in the day” Steven Blais was songwriter/rhythm guitarist/vocalist for Ithaca funk-punk-reggae-rockabilly band Identity Crisis. These days, having caught Cajun accordion fever and being surrounded by great traditional and acoustic music, Steven is currently accordionist and vocalist for the Tumbleweed Gumbo Band. Somewhere along in there he picked up some acoustical theory through his architectural practice.

steve blais sound pic

Steve Blais takes a break from mixing sound at a Hamilton Arts in the Park concert.

Ever since being recruited as “sound guy” for the Earlville Opera House in 2003, he has had to quit whining about other people’s sound jobs and put up or shut up on his own! He has successfully set up and mixed for such diverse acts as Byrds leader Roger McGuinn, Texas new wave polka maniacs Brave Combo, Irish-American vocalist Cathie Ryan, jazz songwriter and piano legend Mose Allison, and Cajun band the Lost Bayou Ramblers. Steven has also done some outdoor work with PCD’s Music Mix and the Hamilton Village Series.

Thirty years of listening to a huge range of music in juke joints, at outdoor festivals, and in fine concert halls; combined with his own recent, intensive, and successful learning curve, make Steven an ideal person to show you the basics with the Earlville Opera House as a learning laboratory!

Basics of live sound reinforcement with affordable equipment, hands on. Learn:

  • What components make up a sound system
  • How to connect the components
  • How to mic or hook up acoustic instruments, electric instruments, voices and drums
  • Mic selection and placement
  • How to avoid feedback most of the time
  • Advancing shows and musician diplomacy

Tuition just $25, no equipment needed.

Please call 315-691-3550 or e-mail email the office to sign up. Two people are signed up so far.

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