Expressing Your Inner Music Workshop

Todd Rogers unleashes the joy of play.

Todd Rogers unleashes the joy of play.

Todd Rogers is a violinist who gigs locally and is training under Grammy Award-winning cellist David Darling.*  He teaches “Expressing Your Inner Music” at the Earlville Opera House on Sunday August 18th from 1 to 3 pm.  The goal of the workshop is to become more comfortable with your playing and free yourself to enjoy a more relaxed quality to your playing.  Uniquely suited to all levels of musical ability, the workshop consists of structured activities that allow musicians to improvise music and sound that comes from the heart.

The workshop builds a connection with the body, incorporating movement and breathing.  According to Rogers,”New musicians will learn ways to express yourself musically in a fun, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere.  Experienced musicians will come away with new tools to increase the breadth of your expression and deepen your musical connection to yourself, your audience, and those you play with.”

$20 fee ($18 for EOH members), scholarship help available, suitable for ages 16 and up.  To sign up or for more info contact EOH at 315-691-3550 or click

* Wiki notes on the founder of this musical movement:

“David Darling (born March 3, 1941) is an American cellist and composer. He won the Grammy award for Best New Age Album in 2010….Darling is a teacher of music improvisation and is a believer in the ability of every human to learn to express themselves musically. He co-founded Music for People, an organization which runs “music for everyone” workshops that are inspiring everyone from musical novices to professionals. All musical styles are honored, from Bach to boogie woogie. In 2007 he recorded The Darling Conversations, a 3-CD set with Julie Weber discussing his music philosophy. It was issued on the Manifest Spirit Records label. His teaching methods are the subject of a book, Return to Child (2008).

“In May 2008, he became part of a collaboration of music teachers, healers, and performers offering a training program in holistic and intercultural approaches to healing with sound and music at the New York Open Center Sound and Music School.”

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