Creating a Painted Floor Cloth with Mike Townsend


The Earlville Opera House presents the GOLDEN ARTIST COLORS SERIES WORKSHOPS. These classes are taught with Golden Artist Colors paints and expertise!  Sam Golden started the local company in 1980. Their mission has been “To grow a sustainable company dedicated to creating and sharing the most imaginative and innovative tools of color, line and texture for inspiring those who turn their vision into reality”. Golden continually launches exciting new product lines and is well known for working with artists to produce excellent high quality acrylics and art materials that meet developing needs in the field.

Sunday, August 25, 10am – 3 pm – Creating a Painted Floor Cloth with Mike Townsend of Golden Artist Colors

floor cloth French_Country_Rooster_resize_edit2

Sample of a contemporary version of early American floor cloth.

floor cloth mandala squares

Any patterning can be applied to the floor cloth to match the decor of the room.

Hand-painted floor cloths were one of the earliest forms of floor coverings, originating in England in the 1700s and eventually imported to America.  With the development of linoleum in the early 1900s, their use and manufacture declined, but lately there has been a resurgence of floor cloths as a revived folk art.  This workshop will teach how to prime a canvas, fold and glue the edges, paint it with acrylics using historical designs or geometric patterns, and apply a sealer coat for protection.  $75, includes $30 materials fee – all materials provided.

Advance registration is required for all workshops; call 315-691-3550 to register. The Earlville Opera House is located at 18 East Main Street in Earlville.  For more information, visit

Michael Townsend – Teaching Artist for EOH

Mike  on his way to teaching at EOH

Mike at Golden Artist Colors…is teaching at EOH this summer and fall.  His Fall classes include Marbleizing Paper and Fabric in Tues-Wed, 10/1 and 10/2 and Discovering Digital Mixed Media Tues-Wed, 11/5 and 11/6.

Michael Townsend is an artist and employee of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. He has been with Golden nearly 20 years, working in the Quality Control, Research & Development, Custom Product Development, and Technical Support Departments. Michael has a BA of Studio Arts from Mansfield University, where he studied printmaking, silk-screening, sculpture and painting.

Michael has experience in mural painting, spraying, marbling, substrate preparation, varnishing and many other artist applications. In his own work he enjoys painting everything from abstracts to landscapes, using everything from paint and brushes, to airbrushes and digital tools. Michael enjoys demonstrating and teaching other artists how to use methods and materials in their own artwork.

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