Don A Cape and Be a Hero For the Arts! The EOH Building Committee!

1 Bruce Ward with cape2 lr

An architect by day, Bruce Ward is one of the heroic members of the EOH Building Committee. He got the call on a Saturday afternoon that the Opera House was in trouble! He came straight away to fight the forces of evil in Earlville. This time it was the gang of Bad Earlville Pigeons that had been hanging around the eves this summer!

2 The village bird 5424

One bird by himself wasn’t so bad…

3 Making a get away 5425

But then there were two and soon…

3 the lair 5438

And soon they discovered the perfect hideout in the attic of the Earlville Opera House. There were playbills from bygone eras and old voting ballots from 1934 being used to insulate the ceiling. Some one had stored some roof tar up there too. Possibly for a little tar and feather?

4 the lair before 5438

A few of the birds got together and saw the possibilities. They set to work.

5 the lair after DSCN5440 mpse

The birds went to town making their lair super cool, putting in a flat screen TV. Then they stole cable from the mayor who lived next door. The EOH attic became the coolest place for the bad birds of Earlville to hang. It might not have been that bad but something smelled funny and there was a lot of noise going on up there.

2 the opportunity 5422

Thanks to Bruce Ward, the way in is temporarily stopped but how long before these bad birds break in again? The sheet metal has been pecked away. Does anyone know someone who can bend sheet metal to make a patch? You can become the next hero to this tale! (Cape will be provided!)


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