Seeing Myself in ART Workshop for Kids Sat, 4/26, 1 pm – 3 pm.


At the Earlville Awesome House: Free Workshop for Kids 6-13 with Ellie Olsen

The workshop uses the ARTS FOR SELF DISCOVERY: “We will reinvent famous works of art, within the pages of books showcased by the library with children taking center stage (the works will include self portraits – photos taken in class and printed to incorporate into the famous works).   I hope that it will be fun and inspirational for children, who are our up-and-coming artists of the future!”

seeing myself in art class

Seeing Myself in Art class

The EOH exhibits TeensART 2014, Conscious Landscapes by Lisa Iannello and Pennies, Bandaids and Safety Pins: The Objects that We Keep Hidden by Patricia Coyle will be used to talk about color theory and more!


“Everyone has an inner artist. Our expression of this artist is as unique as our backgrounds, and can be bold and flashy, timid and subtle, or somewhere in the middle. Perhaps we think we are too busy or lack sufficient talent to really make a go of it. As the stay-at home mother of four boys, I have learned many things. In regard to art, the process of creating is always joyful for children. They are masters of the sublimely simple, and thus, become the perfect inspiration to combat doubt, expectation, and complexity in the adult world. Much like the process of growing up, where the reality goes beyond a mold, and the play is largely unscripted, my philosophy of the process of art goes beyond a technical exercise.

“The nature of creating, by definition, demands that the outcome not be certain, or even primary. The process must allow for risk, for uncertainty, and joy to really allow for the creation of a unique expression that speaks to the artist that created it.   Children naturally know this before we teach them about cookie-cutters and stereotypes. We have much to learn for our children. My approach enables those still moments of discovery – in celebration of the joy of just “letting them be.” ELIZABETH OLSEN, GREEN DOOR GALLERY

This workshop is funded, in part, with a grant from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services through the Madison County Youth Bureau. The EOH raises the other half with our IPAD raffle sales!

For more info call 315-691-3550.  To sign up click here:

INTAKE QUESTIONS found in survey. These may also be e-mailed to :

  1. Do you know the names of any famous artists? Please list the ones that you know.
  2. Do you know what color theory is?
  3. To sign up: please list your name, address, phone or e-mail and age.

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