The Music Room and The Other Stories by Hugh Humphreys at EOH

Retired Madison County Judge Hugh Humphreys has written many plays that revolve around the history of Madison County and the region

Retired Madison County Judge Hugh Humphreys has written many plays that revolve around the history of Madison County and the region

The talented attorney, Hugh C. Humphreys is like the John Grisham or Lisa Scottoline of Madison County; he is a consummate storyteller. However, he doesn’t go in for writing thrillers like these other more famous lawyers turned authors. Rather he paints his stories with character, history and music.

Humphreys will present The Music Roomat 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 21 and at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 22 at the Earlville Opera House. Humphreys wrote the play about a decade ago in response to a request from a group in Utica for him to write a play for a celebration at SUNY IT..

The author wraps his love of opera and his penchant for humor around the story of a rather ill mannered boy who, during the depression, is sent to live with his aunt in Utica. There he becomes acquainted with two young ladies who aspire to be opera singers. Humphreys, himself, plays the boy who narrates the funny one act play. The two women will be portrayed by the talented vocalists Jenni Larchar and Meena Nair Conant.

“These singers are wonderful,” says Humphreys, “and the music in the play is beautiful.” The play is directed by April (Shannon) Sweeney, Associate Professor of English in the University Theater at Colgate University. The evening promises to bring new fans to this talented local author through this enjoyable and amusing production.

The second portion of the evening, Humphreys calls The Other Storiesand will include music, drama and poetry, by local performers, including the wonderful baritone Max Alden Smith, who is also the Mayor of Oneida. Humphreys disclosed that on this first day of summer, Max Smith will open the second act with a rendition of Summertime, and follow with more musical selections throughout the act. Humphreys will perform in a true story about himself in an eighth grade poetry contest. Basil Dillon-Malone, a friend of Hugh’s from Syracuse who Hugh describes as a terrific actor and poet, will read an Irish poem.

Humphreys declares that the “play is funny and the music is beautiful.”  Hugh Humphreys has once again dedicated this production as a fund-raiser for the Earlville Opera House and the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum.

The show will be dedicated to the memory of the incomparable Joan Keefe, who died recently and who gave so much of her time, unbounded talents and energy to the musical life of the Chenango Valley and the Earlville Opera House. 

Tickets are $15, $13 EOH and NAHOF members, $10 students at the Earlville Opera House on June 21 and June 22.  Call to reserve at 315-691-3550.

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