9/5 Janiva Magness’ Award-winning Blues Touring for New Release: “Original”

Janiva Magness 4 by 6JANIVA MAGNESS, one of the nation’s top blues vocalists, brings her crackerjack band and award winning blues to the Earlville Opera House on Friday, September 5th at 8 pm. Magness has been singing the blues and fronting bands for over 30 years, winning the top awards in her field—CONTEMPORARY BLUES FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR Blues Music Award multiple times, and the “B.B. KING ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR” top prize. “…Magness is a remarkable, dynamic, controlled singer…[a} devastating voice…that begins with a rich, throaty deep end and is flexible enough to be smooth or gritty, explosive or gentle. If you know and love what, say, Mavis Staples can do, you’re in the neighborhood here; Ms. Staples is an on-the-record fan herself.” 1 Janiva Magness is generously sponsored by WAER FM 88.3.

Magness is touring in support of this summer’s release. “ORIGINAL is, from the start, a fantastic album. When the vocals of Janiva Magness first swim from the speakers, there is an essence that emanates with her words, a very hypnotizing and artful style that lands her as a songstress of soul and a goddess of gospel. This album is lifeblood that the music industry needs” American Blues Scene

JM_Original webThe reviews of her new independent release on Fathead Records glow. “This is easily her best album, mostly for the heartbreaking exactness of her writing, which allows her amazing voice to live and breathe from inside her own emotional life and find its own artistry.” AllMusic.com

This tour promises to be a departure and new ground for the artist. “Original is a brave, vulnerable record. Magness co-wrote seven of the songs…The lyrics are honest and open, and a triumph. Janiva Magness has a one of a kind voice: lived-in and bold, amazing in scope and range. It’s a gift. Original is artful and glorious, an inspired matching of great musicianship…” Popshifter.com

Elmore Magazine in reviewing the current release ORIGINAL points out that this award-winning blues artist’s gifts are still strong. “The power and versatility of her marvelous voice is tested here like never before and proves to be deftly capable of conveying a stunning range of feelings.

While most reviewers cannot say enough about Magness singing; here’s some info on the crackerjack band that backs this songstress. “Dave Darling and Zac Zunis’ guitar work is lyrical and sweet while the rhythm section of Gary Davenport and Matt Teco work together like a Swiss watch. Arlan Oscar and Jim Alferdson provide keyboards…The depth and dimension of the arrangements and overall sound are first class.” Chicago Blues Guide

Take a listen:

Janiva Magness – I Won’t Cry (Feat. Dave Darling) New Blues Song Pre-Release Live

You Were Never Mine…

Do I move you?

Janiva Magness’ perhaps more than most artists has an authentic claim to the blues. “I learned long ago, after much pain and heartbreak, that I have to be true to what’s in my own heart, no matter how awkward or frightening it may seem.

“It took me a long time and a very crooked journey to finally understand that. When I was 13, my mother gave in to years of depression and took her own life. Three years later, my father killed himself. At 16, I was one messed up orphan, spending a lot of time living in the streets, using drugs, alcohol and whatever else I could find to bury the pain and confusion. Over a two-year period, I was shuffled in and out of 12 different Foster homes. On three separate occasions, I was committed to a psychiatric hospital for depression and other problems.

“Convinced I’d be better off dead, I tried to follow my parents’ example and attempted suicide a bunch of times, coming pretty close at age 16 and again three years later. Finally, when I needed it most, Carrie, a compassionate and loving woman who would be my last Foster mom, came into in my life. She helped me to start seeing things a bit differently.  Instead of trying to kill yourself, she said God must have a reason for keeping you alive through everything you experienced. Maybe it was time to start figuring out what that reason was, she told me.

279A8429_v02 web“Carrie heard me singing around the house and encouraged me to do something with my God-given musical talents. It took me several more years to get up the courage to do anything about it. I never believed I had any real talent back then and was far too terrified of being rejected. But  eventually, the desire to sing and see what I had overcame my anxiety. I  auditioned for gigs and slowly but surely, good things began to happen.” (Artist blog)

Fight the blues with this master of the blues…with the scorching intensity of Janiva Magness.  It should be pretty amazing in the incredible acoustics of the 1892 historic opera house. Tickets are available online or by calling EOH at $19, $17 EOH members, $14 students. Premium seating applies in the first 4 rows. The EOH Theater is wheelchair-accessible with a ramp and a lift. For more information, or to reserve your seats, call 315-691-3550 or order online at http://www.earlvilleoperahouse.com. The Opera House is located at 18 East Main Street, in Earlville, NY.

EOH events are made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and through the generosity of EOH members.

1. Roots Watch review by Barry Mazer

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