John Porcino “A Heck of a Way to Stay Warm” For Kids and Families at The Earlville Awesome House

poster.FThe Earlville Awesome House welcomes storyteller and songwriter John Porcino for a matinee performance of “A Heck of a Way to Stay Warm” featuring are Stories and Songs to Kindle Winter’s Hidden Light! The show starts at 3:30 pm on Saturday, December 13th; the Colgate Inn generously sponsors this Earlville Awesome House Event.

One reviewer of John Porcino’s CD by the same name… “A Heck of a Way to Stay Warm” said these songs and stories “simply and zestfully celebrate winter. One is a collection of familiar tall tale whoppers about the cold, cleverly adapted and combined by Porcino and told in a New England accent. One of the things that I liked best about this story was the way the teller involved the listeners by addressing questions to them. You have to hear it to understand that these are not just rhetorical questions tossed out to an unseen public. They are truly involving and give the listener a tantalizing glimpse of what it would be like to experience Porcino’s magic in live performance.” Don’t miss the chance to see this magic live at EOH!

The reviewer notes that he doesn’t use “the term magic lightly. However it seemed the best word to describe how Porcino was able – with only his voice and his selection of musical instruments – to bring his material so fully to life. His skill, characterizations, and the time he took in creating the stories let the listeners know that they are in good hands. They can relax, confident in his ability and warmed by the respect and affection he shows for both the material and the listener.”

Much of John Porcino’s training for his 30 years as a storyteller and singer arose while creating and participating in the zany & touching moments around a campfire – all of life, seen through a flickering fire light, surrounded by the magnificent beauty of the natural world. John spins some 200 performances, workshops, and in-service trainings each year for folks of all ages. His performances are a mix of stories and songs that are sparked to life with warmth, humor, a playful touch of audience participation, and a twist of music from around the world.

john with instruments

Capture the magic and fun of John Porcino in this Earlville Awesome House matinee!

This performance will be at the Earlville Opera House Arts Café on Saturday afternoon before the holiday parade and tree lighting.             While the performance is free for youth and families, we are asking adults that don’t bring children to give a donation of $8, seating is limited, please call to reserve your seats. For more information call the Earlville Opera House at 315-691-3550 or visit

Youth and Families are free at this performance with the support of a grant though the NYS Office of Children and Family Services through the Madison County Youth Bureau.  

EOH events are made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and through the generosity of EOH members.

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