From the Street to the Gallery: The Art of Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson is an emerging artist with a unique vision, an unusual history, and a back-story that would have derailed most young artists. Now residing in Utica, Tony Thompson was born in Lynchburg, VA, and raised in Syracuse.   The classroom in his early years was a source of anxiety, and to escape this discomfort, he began to draw.   Drawing became a way to express thoughts and feelings that could not find their way into words. On his way to school every day, he passed graffiti and artwork created by the Syracuse street artists scene. Its influence eventually found its way into his drawings.

Today his work usually involves combinations of screen-printing, spray paint, and paint marker. The early influences and themes of his work can be seen in his surreal urban imagery, which often contains spray paint cans and caps as a totem of respect for his background in graffiti – a reminder of the path less chosen that worked for him. Relatively new to the gallery scene, Thompson is a young man on the cutting edge of artistic expression, someone very aware of his journey and its context, whose art pays homage to that path and others still traveling it.

The Earlville Galleries are pleased to show the exciting work of Tony Thompson in the Arts Café Gallery through May 9. Titled “Cloud Physics,” the exhibit chronicles his fascination with and depiction of clouds over the years, from his street art days to the present. “As a symbol, I have always used the cloud as content or a tool, but never as a focal point. This show focuses on the symbol of the cloud.”  Here’s Tony creating one of the pieces in the current exhibition: Cities Tears:

“It’s kind of amazing at how well Tony’s theme interfaces with our other exhibition, “Changing Landscapes” that uses landscape as a means to start a conversation about climate change,” says EOH director Patti Lockwood-Blais. “Clouds and Climate Change at the same time, what serendipity!”

Also on display in the galleries: TeensART 2015 featuring artwork from eleven schools and “Changing Landscapes” featuring the artwork of seven upstate women artists.

Check out the photo blog by Steve Nyland: great pics!

Admission is free. The Opera House is wheelchair-accessible with a ramp and a lift.   For more information, visit or call 315-691-3550. Gallery hours are 10-5 Tuesday-Friday and 12-3 on Saturdays.

EOH events are made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature, and through the generosity of EOH members.


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