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Through hard work and the support of many believers, the Earlville Opera House has made a wonderful journey in the past 45 years.

The once grand theater, that was on the verge of demolition, has made it all the way back. Today it is a venue that charms national performers to the delight of enthusiastic, appreciative audiences who travel miles for an evening in Earlville.

This campaign will complete our journey into the 21st century by adding heat and air conditioning to our historic theater. With this piece of our 45-year renovation in place, we will be able to expand our concert season to 12 months with heat for the cold months and comfort for our patrons in the heat of summer.

Creating a climate controlled environment will not only enhance our programming, but contribute to our mission to preserve and protect this historic landmark by preventing extreme temperature swings in the grand auditorium.

How You Can Help

Thanks to the John Ben Snow Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts, the Earlville Opera House has received nearly $23,000 in funding, but we are still approximately $275,000 away from successfully hosting world-class entertainment on its historic stage year ’round. That’s the cost to heat the theater in winter and cool it on those sweltering summer nights.

Once again we are reaching out to our friends who value the Earlville Opera House. We are asking you to consider a gift or a pledge to the Four Seasons campaign that will allow us to make our jewel of a theater into a 12-month facility.

The Benefits

With our current six month auditorium schedule each year, we welcome numerous touring professional performers and the 8,000 patrons they attract from far and wide. By adding heat, thus allowing us to increase programming to 12 months a year, the benefit will be greater attendance numbers while offering more opportunities for talented artists to perform. The benefits to our area will be direct and noticeable resulting in an improved quality of cultural life and a positive economic impact for local business.

In the sweltering summers, the addition of air conditioning will produce a much more comfortable experience for audiences and artists alike. Finally, the lasting benefit to the auditorium of this fine historic landmark will be the protection and preservation from damage due to uncontrolled temperature and humidity.

Earlville Opera House is a non-profit 501(c)3, which makes your gift support tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We’re governed by a working board of your friends and neighbors who gladly give their time and money to sustain the arts in our community.

Please consider making a gift or a pledge today!

Simply visit our fundraising page to make an online donation, or call (315) 691-3550 to discuss your gift today.

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