Calling all musicians! The Instrument Petting Zoo returns 7/6!

Instrument Petting Zoo

Calling all musicians! The Earlville Opera House needs you and wild your instrument for the EOH Instrument Zoo at 6:30 pm on Thursday July 6th! The Instrument Zoo will be a family activity to expand children’s understanding for your instrument before the evening performance at 7:30 pm of the symphony concert by Symphoria.

Details: You will maintain complete control of your instrument. You are encouraged to demonstrate its use. If you are moved to allow someone to handle it that is your own choice. The most we ask is to allow the children to “pet” or touch the instrument. If the animal is too dangerous we ask its handler to keep it from “biting” anyone.

We ask for you to arrive with your wild instrument on the Hamilton Village green around 6:15 pm to help set up the Zoo at the Gazebo before the performance of Symphoria at 7:30 pm. The entire “zoo session” is scheduled for 30-45 minutes (depending on the number of children who attend). A “Zookeeper” will be on hand for crowd control and assistance to our instrument handlers.

We hope that you’ll be able to participate in this Earlville Opera House event for youth and families in our community! For more information, call 315-691-3550 or visit

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